About Us

Tidal Bliss Yoga is a yoga and Standup Paddle board company located in beautiful Sarasota County.  Come work your mind, body and soul, while you explore a love for all things yoga and nature.  With Tidal Bliss Yoga, you’ll not only get a great physical workout, but be encouraged to dive a little deeper, to pause, breathe, and appreciate each moment.  Ride the waves of your breath.  Ride the waves of life.  Feel your bliss.

Offering land and Paddle board yoga, guided meditation, family classes, paddle board lessons and workshops, Tidal Bliss Yoga is here to help you embrace a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Come join other beautiful souls in small groups, or schedule private lessons.  Classes are adaptable to all, from the beginner, to the most adventurous and advanced yogi or paddler.

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About Our Founder: CHANDRA REILLY

Tidal Bliss Yoga founder and instructor Chandra Reilly is a Yoga Alliance RYT -200 and Stoked Yogi SUP certified yoga instructor.  She is Paddlefit, CPR/AED and First Aid certified.  For more than ten years, she worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer.  

Chandra was extremely active from an early age, medaling both Nationally and Internationally in Power Tumbling.  During her college years, she danced at Walt Disney World.  In 2013, she faced a major medical challenge.  Two spinal surgeries and a brain surgery later, she found herself/ her life unrecognizable.  Yoga, meditation, and pranayama were a large part of her recovery.  She had practiced yoga for years for its physical benefits, but this time she received something far greater.  She had spent her entire life worrying about pleasing others, and trying to be perfect.  For the first time, she was beginning to feel a calmness, a balance.  She began to live in the moment, and chase her dreams, living her authentic life.

Chandra knew instantly that sharing her knowledge and passion for yoga was her life path.  Always a lover of the ocean, She combined her love of yoga with her love of the water when she trained with her inspiration, Amelia Travis, Stoked Yogi Founder.  A light was lit, and Tidal Bliss Yoga was born.

As a forever student and teacher, it is Chandra's goal to share her knowledge, love and passion for yoga and the water.  She wants everyone to experience a bit more peace, light, adventure and "bliss."

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